Dragon Festival is Up


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For ppl with factions accounts.

Various games/quests at Shing Jea Monastery.
If you get enough Jade Orbs you can make a Dragon Mask! Oooooh.

To take your prophecies character over (not sure if its necessary, but anyhoo) - took me a while to work this out -

Ship from Lions Arch to keineng Center
Travel south to marketplace, then docks.
Take boat to Seitung Harbour.
Out through exit and aim west. (Easy - highest lvl nasty is lvl6)

Then farm the orbs.




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Nah I couldn't be bothered either, for a silly mask.

(Big hoo-ha going on about ppl being banned for behaving like bots in that area over the weekend. Bit of a Anet cock-up so it seems.)

Spent the weekend PvPing in RA (125K faction now). Gave up being a trapper ranger. Few ppl can play with them in RA. Now a Mesmer/necro w/ arcane echo & life transfer and other pressure stuff.

Trying to get into being an interrupter but it is well hard.

Next I'll try energy drainer.