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Clan UK Guild Wars Roster

Sections below are ordered by date since last played.
Active | 30+ Days | 90+ Days

CUK Status  CUK Name   Guild Rank   Character Name       Class    Sponsor  
Member      Darkswan   Leader (GM)  Dark Swan            Ne/Me             
                                    Subordinate Claws    As/Mo             
                                    Monkey Dust          PvP/PvP           
                                    Wossname Offdatelly  Wa/Ne             
                                    Little Swallow       Mo/Me             
Member      Coalman    Officer      Steve Brickman       Me/Ra             
                                    Nogbad the Bad       El/Mo             
                                    Noggin the Nog       Wa/Ne             
                                    Esmi Weatherwax      PvP/PvP           
Non Member  Jerro      Member       Jerro Taq            Ra/Ne    Dark Swan
Non Member  Jerro      Member       Havelock Taq         El/Mo    Dark Swan
Member      Bertyr     Member       Bertyr Basset        Wa/Mo             


Non Member  None       Member       Deckard Cain         ?/?      None     
Member      StGeorge   Member       Yani Tchieri         ?/?               
Member      Aciiid     Officer      Astrid Grendor       Ra/Me             
                                    Astarar Gorndir      Ra/Me             
                                    Aunt Urma            PvP/PvP           
Member      Tihran     Officer      Aendor Triclaw       El/Ne             
Member      Kaloras    Member       Kelorum Cleg         Wa/?              
                                    Kaloras Cleg         El/Mo             
                                    Kalodras Kleg        PvP/PvP           


Member      Taz        Officer      Faith Heelsyew       Mo/Ra             
                                    Malakai Phiteswell   Wa/El             
Member      Defiler    Member       Defiler of Corpses   Ne/Mo             
                                    Cherry Aide          Ra/Ele            
                                    Theresa Greene       Wa/?              
Member      Sadsurfer  Member       Sad Surfer           Ra/Mo             
Member      Shalam     Officer      Shalam Torvitz       Ne/Mo             
                                    Fria Black           Wa/Mo             
                                    Elof Bellator        Mo/Me             
Member      Jumani     Member       Peg Bundy            Me/El             
                                    Big Ugly Heed        Wa/El             
Member      Legs       Member       Missy Legs           ?/?               
                                    Legs Cuk             Ra/Mo             
Member      Ritter     Member       Sentinel Ritter      ?/?               
Member      Aniodus    Member       Anio Unbreakable     ?/?               
                                    Boooooooooo Baahh    ?/?               
                                    Bah Mah              ?/?               
Member      Usagi      Member       Najica Renmei        Ne/Mo             
                                    Halbane Ramune       Mo/Wa             
                                    Chidori Kar          Mo/Ne             
                                    Seras Ramunes        Me/Ne             
                                    Jubei Grave          ?/?               
                                    Poemi Seras          Me/Mo             
Member      Agro       Member       Barby Q              El/Ra             
Member      Zeus       Member       Neesa Deschain       El/?              
                                    Tieger Delgado       Wa/El             
                                    Miki Kirani          ?/?               
Member      Zed        Member       Zedania Nightfire    ?/?               
Non Member  Razorbill  Member       Titus Lightfoot      Ra/Mo    Agro     
Non Member  Razorbill  Member       Tannis Lightfoot     ?/?      Agro     
Non Member  Razorbill  Member       Bishop Lightfoot     ?/?      Agro     
Non Member  Razorbill  Member       Urasmass Lightfoot   ?/?      Agro
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Post your amendments below, so I can keep it up to date!

Post your full character name below for an invite to the guild (hint: make a character with your forum name, even if you're not planning on playing him - the name of the invited character will become your guild name, even if you delete him later -- so it'll be easier for everyone to work out who you are).



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you may as well remove Tieger Steelheart and Tiegress Darkheart for now, as i wont be creating them for a while, and will probly have different names picked out for them by then :p


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Colour scheme might need looking at as I was using the ClanUK Coins style & couldn't read half of the txt & some of the other txt clashes badly with the background colour had to change back to the ClanUK classic style before my eyes exploded :)


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Bottom of page there is a box showing clanuk classic & a drop down button click on the button to chose between that clanuk coins. You will then see the problem as clanuk coins is a lot lighter colour which makes the roster hard to read. Like the idea of seeing if you can force a colour schemme or something similar.

By the way update for my character Noggin the Nog is a Warrior & will be taking Necromancer as a 2nd, that then leaves me with one spare slot for later.
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I found this Coins skin in user cp/options.

Yes the roster looks truly awful with this skin.

B***er :(

Rubs chin. Ponders.


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Delete this post, I've moved the content to the right place
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Agro said:
Hey, I'm on as "Barby Q" (Elemental/Ranger) lvl 5~ish and my mate who i'm sponsering, if I may, is on as "Titus Lightfoot" (Ranger/Monk) lvl ~8ish.
You have both been invited. Welcome on board :)


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hey guys,

i did not leave the guild, i thought you had been trimming it.
it seems that Alanna (my daughter) has been telling fibs. i asked her if she had deguilded me and she said "no, whats that" all big eyed and innocent.

i will sort it and rejoin asap.

thx Jum.


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Jumani said:
hey guys,

i did not leave the guild, .... i will sort it and rejoin asap.

thx Jum.
No probs. I'll re-invite you in a few minutes.

I take screenshots of the guild page in-game once a week, and reconcile it with the spreadsheet. I just noticed you were missing.

Putting you back in this minute :)


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Taz said:
Kicked members.....

By request or by inaction?
I'm glad you picked me up on that - It's what good officers do.

Short answer - inaction.

Long answer - inaction, but I've made a foobar with protocol.

Since Full CUK members can be members of the Guild whenever they want, it would have been better to ask those affected if they minded being kicked, or if they would log in again.
Full CUK members can always re-join WHENEVER they want, even if they take a hiatus from the game.

Non/Trial members just get kicked. They can re-apply if they want.

Seeing Janie at 4 months (when I know she doesn't even have GW on her computer any more) just got me a bit click happy, without thinking things through.

I have re-invited Janie, Mkm73 and Cadfiel (at 100gp a throw).
I will, however be asking them if they intend to play in the near future, or if they would be happy to remain 'kicked' for now.

If we could 'hide' the 'last played' part of the Guild screen it probably wouldn't be an issue. I just think it looks better for newer members if they see a smaller active guild than a long list of long-time absentees.

So it hangs on the aesthetics of the 'last played', not whether a Clan UK member CAN play in the Guild - which of course they CAN.

Far more of an irritation are:-
Malvolio Arriverro
Hecuva Doomscythe
Avar Windbourne
who just clog up the absentee list without any indication of whether they are Clan UK members or not. They are in my kick sights.

Well that was my thinking anyway. Anybody is free to comment.


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I've just fired off some PMs to those affected asking for comments in this thread if they like.

Basically: sorry for kicking you without talking first. Would you like to refresh your presence, or stay 'kicked' until you want to come back?


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Kick me out, cant see me playing this again. It was a bit too easy for my liking when I played.