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Now that I've gotten a fair way though the game, I've been entertaining the idea of getting luxon/kurzick armour(s) for my toons.

Well, as I have 2 accounts I've decided that each account would "pick" a diffrent faction - get to see best of both worlds.

However, after examining the pictures on I've come to the conclusion that the Luxon armours all stink :p

So the plan now is, to do all the Luxon quests with the 4 that have "gone that way" - then switch over to join the Kurzicks ... heh

Sooooo, does anybody have any use for the Jadeite I've ammassed before I flog it for a paltry sum to the trader?


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Erm, I don't know, to be perfectly honest :)

I don't see myself playing GW all that seriously, it's a nice filler while I wait (and wait, and wait, and wait) for Darkfall.

Off to Canada soon anyways, RL is busy as can be atm :p


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Tricky one that. I have about 35 Jadeite myself, but as you say the armour (especially for a monk) doesn't look great.

Looking at Wiki tho, it seems you can have the same armour for any stat type, which might be better than the obvious tattoos my monk and necro are wearing.
(Then get it infused. I know. I know. I wouldn't be able to help myself. ;) )

You could probably get 1k each by hawking them to peeps in cavalon.

Otherwise, I could possibly use them.

BTW DS is going the Kurzick route atm (just started) for some variety, since my monk went Luxon.