Birthday presents on older chars :)


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A recent cover disc had a code for a free pet in GW's so I'd thought I check my account & add the code - it was free so I might as well make use of it. Imagine my surprise when opening my main chars bags & found a birthday present for his 2nd birthday & inside a free pet of a fire imp. Decided to check my other chars & found 4 of them with 1 year birthday presents which contained more pets :) I decided to move them to my storage area & wow look at all those nice new storage spaces. Might even have a quick play one night to see what else has changed :)


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guess that is the advantage of a free to play game - can keep giving it a go to see if its any better :p
but think of all the patching i'll need to do, argh :/


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I think you'll find the patching of GW is a lot smoother than other games.
*glares at Auto Assault*

Added tip, if you make a shortcut of :

blahblah\Gw.exe -image

then it will download/uncompress all files then return to desktop, so you don't get any pauses while playing.