PvP Tips For Beginners


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Useful PvP Skills obtainable by Lions Arch (1/4 way thru game):-

Fundamentally crippled at this stage due to unavailability of skills.
A PvP template may be better.
Offense is far better than defence. Need to kill.
No more than 2 defensive spells.
Concentrate attrib points on 3-4 attributes.
Avoid skills/spells with casting times over 2 secs (<1 sec best) since
they will be interrupted.

for skill traders

for quests that will give these skills


Aura of restoration (Energy Storage)

Blinding Flash (Air)
Enervating Charge (Air)
Lightning Javelin (Air)
Lightning Strike (Air)
Whirlwind (Air)

Immolate (Fire)

Frozen Burst (Water)
Ice Spikes (Water)
Shard Strom (Water)
Blurred Vision (Water)
Ice Spear (Water)

Ward Against Foes (Earth)


Backfire (Domination)
Empathy (Domination)
Diversion (Domination)
Energy Burn (Domination)
Power Leak (Domination)
Shatter Hex (Domination)
Power Spike (Domination)
Shatter Enchantment (Domination)

Ether Feast (Inspiration)
Energy Tap (Inspiration)
Drain Enchantment (Inspiration)
Inspired Hex (Inspiration)

Conjure Phantasm (Illusion)
Distortion (Illusion)
Phantom Pain (Illusion)


Guardian (Protection)
Reversal of Fortune (Protection)

Orison of Healing (Healing)
Heal Area (Healing)
Heal Party (Healing)
Infuse Health (Healing)

Divine Boon (Divine Favour)

Remove Hex (None)


Blood Renewal (Blood)
Life Siphon (Blood)
Vampiric Gaze (Blood)
Vampiric Touch (Blood)
Shadow Strike (Blood)
Mark of Subversion (Blood)
Defile Flesh (Curses)
Strip Enchantment (Blood)

Shadow of Fear (Curses)
Enfeebling Blood (Curses)
Insidious Parasite (Curses)
Parasitic Bond (Curses)
Faintheartedness (Curses)
Suffering (Curses)


Point Blank Shot (Expertise)
Distracting Shot (Expertise)
Dodge (Expertise)
Lightning Reflexes (Expertise)
Whirling Defense (Expertise)

Power Shot (Marksmanship)
Read The Wind (Marksmanship)
Favourable Winds (Marksmanship)
Hunters Shot (Marksmanship)
Penetrating Attack (Marksmanship)
Pin Down (Marksmanship)

Troll Unguent (Wilderness Survival)
Serpents Quickness (Wilderness Survival)

Dual Shot (None)
Debilitating Shot (None)


Executioners Strike (Axe)
Disrupting Chop (Axe)
Dismember (Axe)
Penetrating Blow (Axe)

Gash (Swordmanship)
Sever Artery (Swordmanship)
Hamstring (Swordsmanship)

Healing Signet (Tactics)
Wary Stance (Tactics)
Bonetti's defense (Tactics)

Hammer Bash (Hammer)
Mighty Blow (Hammer)
Irresistible Blow (Hammer)

Endure Pain (Strength)
Power Attack (Strength)
Sprint (Strength)

Frenzy (None)
Wild Blow (None)
Distracting Blow (None)
Flurry (None)

PvP basics
1) Everyone except Monk takes Resurrect Signet
2) Use Res Signet immediately ally dies
3) Do NOT stand still for long (asking for AoE attack)
4) If getting hammered RUN
5) Do not run far from group
Double back or you will get isolated and killed alone.
This makes it difficult to resurrect you.
6) Keep the high ground
7) One target caller (+backup when 1st dead)
8) Always follow the called target
9) Offense is better than defence
10) Defensive skills/spells used to give marginally better effect vs opponent of offensive skills/spells.
E.G. Slowing attackers on YOUR monk lets him run away. Momentary defence then attack target again.
11) Do not attack/cast through critical hexes (e.g backfire, empathy, spiteful spirit etc)
If it is the only hex, call it out to team - CTRL right click graphic, so
it can be removed by party member.
If you have other (covering) hexes as well, wait for timeout - keep moving - be distracting - be defensive

Kill Order
1) Monk
2) Mesmer
3) Necro
4) Elementalist
5) Ranger
6) Warrior

How to kill a monk/mesmer/ele/necro:-
1) Strip enchantments if any
2) Backfire (Me)
3) Quick cast cover hex 1 (keep spamming)
4) Quick cast cover hex 2 (optional) (keep spamming)
5) Remove energy
6) Damage over time (poison/bleeding)
7) Melee (including interrupt/knockdown etc)
8) Goto 1

How to kill a Warrior/Ranger
1) Strip enchantments if any
2) Empathy (Me)/Spiteful Spirit (Ne)
3) Quick cast cover hex 1 (keep spamming)
4) Quick cast cover hex 2 (optional) (keep spamming)
5) Cripple (done by Ranger/Warrior)
6) Damage over time (poison/bleeding)
7) Melee (including interrupt/knockdown etc)
8) Interrupt Healing Signet/Troll Unguent
9) Goto 1

How to make casters less effective
1) Backfire
2) Blackout (usually Ra/Me)
3) Diversion
4) Arcane Conundrum (more interruptable)
Many others

How to make melee chars less effective
1) Empathy/Spiteful Spirit
2) Cripple (done by Ranger/Warrior)
4) Slow (e.g water ele)
3) Damage Over Time
5) Sympathetic Visage (Me) on Warrior
6) Soothing Images (Me) on Warrior
7) Clumsiness (Me)
8) Spirit Shackles (on Ranger)
Many Others



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Thx for the info, really helpful.

I'll start working on some of the ranger ones as been getting just mezmer atm.... specificallly trap ones.